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Throttle on Thursday - April

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On Thursday night the 100 Mile Customs team headed down to this months Throttle on Thursday, held at the St Kilda Bowls club.  This monthly catchup for all things bike, organized by the Ruiners, previously had a home at On-Top bar in Ormond and is now finding new scenery each month as it shares its love between different venues around Melbourne.

For being mid-April the day couldn't have been better - clear skies, dry roads and a lineup of bikes which filled out the front of the venue.  The guys from Parlour kept the crowds happy cooking up gourmet burgers and the bar was only a few paces away to grab a cold ale to support the good times of the evening.  With 40+ bikes it was a good turn out and a great time to catchup with friends new and old.

The Harley engines were well represented - with more than a few Panheads, a bunch of Shovelheads, an Ironhead and stack of later model engines.  The Pans didn't stray far from each other in the lineup, maintaining a close huddle and showing a good diversity in the style.  It appears that Pans are the next Shovel in the Melbourne motorcycle scene, with more and more people seeking them out from the USA market, they are becoming a more common sight at these kinds of events and will likely keep going that way.

Rizzo's latest build is getting a heap of well deserved attention as he tears around the streets of Melbourne.  This super narrow shovel has some balls! Springer front end with big pullback rabbit ear bars, custom king and queen seat and Grafix by Mik paintwork.  This bike has come up a treat! 

These events are a great excuse to catchup with a bunch of like minded people, keen on riding and wrenching on their bikes and creating. People attend with bikes that are kept very close to original, through to custom bikes where almost everything on the bike is a one off creation.  As you would imagine this leads to some very interesting characters and a huge amount of info which is shared as people stand around, have a beer and share their knowledge.

As it gets towards the end of the night and things are winding down for another TOT, Matt shares a few last minute tips with Benny and his indestructible Sportster and we parted ways for another month.  Cheers to Kev and the gang who worked to make the event happen and everyone who came out.

With the night still clear and empty late night roads we wrapped on the throttle and were off.  Hunter S Thompson came to mind as we tore through the streets that night so I will leave you with this

"Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested" [HST]