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The workshop is working......

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Well.... we thought that it was about time that we provided you guys with an update of the things that have been going on in the 100 Mile Customs den over the winter.  While the weather has been cold and wet we have been hard at work trying to bring some new parts to the store.

While we are happy with the products that we sell (and will continue to grow this parts list) we are always looking at new parts and ways we can provide better value for our clients!  Particularly with some of the fabricated parts which we sell for late mode Sportsters, which currently come out of Japan.  

Lets face it, the quality out of Japan is great...... however anyone who has ever bought parts from Japan will likely agree that the cost of these parts are less than fantastic.  Thus we are currently working on fabricating some parts in house, with the goal of being able to provide some better value to you guys trying to build up your  dream ride.

So "where are we at and what parts are we talking about?" I hear you ask....

The two parts we are currently prototyping are:

  • A Front Indicator Frame Mounting Bracket for Late Model Sportsters.  This badboy will mount up off the existing horn mounting bolts and extend so that your indicators sit just outside of the frame width.  Aims to get the indicators off the bars/forks and tuck them in nice and tight.  Will be suitable for OEM HD indicators and some aftermarket units (ie mini bullets)
  • Solo Seat Mount for Late Model Sportsters.  This is for people looking to get rid of their big OEM seat and run a small solo seat without the need to weld a seat mount stay onto the frame.  The bracket mounts up to the rear tank mount bolt and is used with a square seat bracket to fitup a solo seat. See the photos below for a sneak peak of one of what these look like (unpainted in photo) and one in action

We are currently testing out the prototypes and hope to land these in store during the Spring.

Shoot us an email if you are interested and we will keep you updated.

Until then........Enjoy the life & Cheers from the 100 Mile Customs Team