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Running for the Border


Well it's been a long time between drinks.....well actually no that's not true...... we have had plenty of drinks, however we haven't updated the blog in a while so we thought we would post up some photos from out recent run up North.

Getting towards the end of Feb and the weather was perfect to get out on the highway, so we loaded up out bikes and set off North - destination Tamworth.

This was a worthy test for Jazz's '09 sporty, as prior to the trip we had the tools out and changed her up a bit with:

  • A new chopped HD rear fender and one of our Easyriders narrow back seats and a TC Bros choppers side licence plate mount and tail light
  • An ECU relocation as to get it out of the rear guard (the dreaded '07-'09 model curse)
  • A new custom made sissy bar to suit the standard HD detatchable side plates.  Something with a bit more height for all the camping gear
  • We stitched up a little fuel pouch to hold an extra 1L of fuel which that 2" tank lift stops us getting at!

Prior to the trip we had purchase a couple of Phantom Pads, suction cup type pussy pads, to sit up on the rear guard and support out bags.  Great idea... and this generally works really well, except that we found out the hard way that these pads don't stick to matte paint - like that on Case's Iron! But alas all was not lost - A bit of rope and she worked a treat!

Loaded up it didn't matter too much how those pads where secured, all the gear held them in place as we launched out onto the open road

Stop 1 for the night was Narrandera NSW.- Murrumbidgee Hotel.  We can vouch that the beers were cold, meals were great and the balcony was a nice spot to end the night with a few cleansers.

The staff at the pub were nice enough to let us park up our bikes in the bottleshop for the night - keeping them safe and sound ready for our onward journey the next morning.

Day two we set off for Gilgandra which was to be our next stop.  We had already called ahead to ensure that there was a a couple of pub rooms available, somewhere to park the bikes and a fridge full of Coronas as it was Casey's 30th so we knew we were going to be thirsty


About 30kms out of Gilgandra, we made some new friends along the way.  

Grasshoppers (& roadworks).........and lots of them.  

We ducked, weaved and dodged keeping our eyes on the prize - we are nearly at the pub and god that beer was going to taste good!  

Upon pulling up in the shed beside the pub we jumped off our bikes and there were hoppers everywhere: pegged into lights and air cleaners, vests splattered, live critters still sitting on our seats and inside out jackets.  Needless to say I think we took a few into the pub for a drink that night.

Case's Iron had taken on a beige colour as you can see below!

Day 3 started off with cornflakes and toast at the pub before we headed off on another days adventure, with the sun blazing down on us for our short 300km ride to Tamworth.

The roads from Gilgandra to Tamworth were probably the best of the journey thus far.  Sun blazing down on big sweeping bends as we put some pace in and left our grasshopper friends behind.  We pulled into Tamworth in the early afternoon and were keen to park the bikes, get the tents up and reward ourselves with a cold ale! (this seems like a reoccurring trend now doesn't it?)

It was at this campsite we learned two things:

  • I doing a burn out in the dirt to cover your brothers tent in dirt doesn't always work as planned (and often backfires and covers your own tent in dirt)
  • As told by the locals "It never rains it Tamworth.....the rain goes around".  This is not true.  After heading out for a ride in the heat, one hour later the sky opened up and it poured down on us.  Not only did we get wet in Tamworth, but we had also listened to the locals and left our tents completely open.  So we returned to practically everything we owned wet! Good times!

Although the Easyriders seat looks like a plank - we rode around 3,000kms over 6 days and both bike and rider lasted the miles!  So if your thinking about changing up your seat for a pan style but worried about distance....don't.  Just do it and get out on that thing!

On the last miles of the journey we rolled along the open road, sun blazing down on our backs and it's hard for your mind not to drift off as you watch your shadow chasing you along the road.  It doesn't matter if your riding alone, or in a group of 1000, your always just out there chasing your shadow :

 to out ride him into that next bend, 

share your thoughts as your scream along the highway

 or as he holds his breath as you go into that corner just a tad too fast.  

Out here you can contemplate the deepest things in your life, while at the same time thinking of nothing except you and the road as the engine roars beneath you. 

 Do you need anything more at that moment?........................................................ I think not.

Get out and enjoy life on two wheels.............and chase that shadow

love and respect...... The 100 Mile Customs team