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Deni Shovel Muster 2014

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The morning started early, with a 7:30am blast off to meet the guys out in Sunbury.  The roads were wet, but once we got out on the highway, they soon dried up as the sun broke the horizon and we were greeted with a beautiful day.

Like most group rides, things started slow.  An array of bikes broke down, not even making it to the kick off point, but after a few false starts we hit the road 22 bikes strong ready for the 278km journey to Pretty Pine Hotel in NSW for the 2014 Deni Shovel Muster.

As the vast majority of the bikes have small peanut style tanks the runs between servo's was kept at around 100kms.  This was luckily for me, as I rolled into the first servo stop on reserve as the Shovel had sucked my tank dry as we barreled through the hills to Heathcote.

Luck must have been on our side as we hit the smooth roads out of Heathcote towards Echuca, the pace picked up and the bikes motored the open roads. Harv's Knuckle required a brief stop every hundred kilometers or so to re-secure his seat with Benny's favourite mechanical aid....the cable tie.

It was a Shovel Muster and the crew from Melbourne certainly delivered! More than half of the bikes who had ridden out were Shovels, so into the grounds at Pretty Pine Pub we went ready for the show.  The guys did really well, with awards going to Micro (best rigid shovel), Matty (best Ironhead), Rizz (club choice) and Harv (best pre-shovel)! Congrats to all the guys that won awards!

The 100 Mile Customs team, with new stickers hot off the press thanks to Shan, made their mark on both Ran and Benny's bikes.

After the ride out we had all earned a good thirst, so it was time to check out the bikes on show and then get around to setup camp for the night and have a few cleansers.  Which were then followed by quite a few more cleaners, then a few more....and I think you get the picture.

Needless the say the next morning was a little rough, but we were all early to rise and ready to hit the road and start the journey back down south.

A big thanks to Deni Dave and the Outlaws that put on the Shovel Muster.  Was a great weekend of riding, checking out some of the coolest bikes out on the scene and talking with friends, new and old.

With the round trip of around 700kms, we made it home late Sunday afternoon and I unfolded myself off the rigid and dumped off the gear.  The new 100 Mile customs gloves have been worn in and survived to tell the tale.  Until the next ride..........